ABOUT KATNISS → 18 | FC: Jennifer Lawrence - TAKEN

If you were to look up the word “strong” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Katniss Everdeen. With all of the things she’s gone through in her life, the death of her father and sister, having to compete in the Hunger Games twice, being unknowingly chosen to lead the rebellion, she’s still standing, and she’s still the same Katniss she was two years ago. Now, after the rebellion, Katniss is just trying to find some sense of normality in her life. She’s trying to keep herself happy, and occupied, so her mind won’t wander back to the horrors seen, and pain she’s felt.

ABOUT PEETA → 18 | FC: Josh Hutcherson - OPEN

Peeta Mellark, the boy with bread.His life has been far from easy, to be honest. His parents were never one’s to treat him very well, and he spent most of his childhood being in love with a girl who didn’t even know him. And once he had been reaped for the Games, he and Katniss became the star-crossed lovers of District 12, which had just been a one sided act. Later on, when he, and the rest of the Rebels were about to escape the Quarter Quell, they had been a second too late, and Peeta was then in the hands of the Capitol. He had been hijacked, and lost just all about his memories of Katniss. Or well, the good ones. But now, he’s returned to District 12, and he’s working on rebuilding his life.


Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Mellark. The star-crossed lovers of District 12. The two have been through just about everything together. From the Hunger Games (twice), to Peeta almost killing Katniss every chance he got, to Katniss accepting the fact that yes, she was in love with Peeta Mellark. Now, the two have returned to District 12, their home, and are living together, and trying to help rebuild their lives, and the District as much as possible.

Katniss escapes her awful memories by going off to hunt in the woods, but it’s never same, since she doesn’t have Gale with her. Though, she still doesn’t know what she’s supposed to feel towards her childhood best friend, because of what had happened to her little sister, Primrose. Peeta, on the other hand, is trying to rebuild his families old bakery, and lets his emotions flow into his paintings, which is surprisingly helpful when he’s trying to clear his mind.

Before, when they had first been in the Games, and had to put on the “star-crossed lovers” act, it had definitely only been one sided, since Peeta was the only one who had feelings for Katniss, and it wasn’t reciprocated. But now, after all these two have been through, the feelings are reciprocated. And while they were both left broken, and roughed up from the War, they both know that they still have each other. While they is still the bad days, and the pain from Peeta having most of his memories hijacked, there is still the good days, and the good times. They both are just trying to look past the bad, and remember that tomorrow’s a new day, that can bring good things.

Audition here!

(This is just a Katniss looking for her Peeta. It was connected to an organized role play but the admin deactivated. If you are interested in one on one role playing let me know. We can do any time really doesn’t matter to me(Hunger Games-Post Mockingjay). Let me know if you are interested.)

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