I don’t even know what to do.

I just had my heart broken into a million years so I guess I’ll try and get you replies by the end of this week.

Well I don’t have any replies to do.  

Just so everyone who I’m RPing with knows I’ll get replies out on weekends. All my replies were done last week. I sent out messages saying I finished them, I’m sorry if you didn’t get them.

I will be replying by Monday to all of you whom have replied. 

replies are finished!

If I’m RPing with you go check ‘em out. I promise no joke they are actually done. Thanks for putting up with me for so long.

working on replies.

I promise I’m going to get back to you. 

Just give me this week and I’ll try and finish up replies on Friday. I’ve started them. I have lunch with my aunt and she’s giving me something of my grandmother’s who just died so I don’t know when I’ll be back from that either. I promise I didn’t ditch you though. 

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Wow I had 3 messages I never even saw because Tumblr never told me I had them… 

Well I’m really sorry about not replying to those. I sent you all private messages, well the people I have 1x1s with explaining what’s going on.

And you get a reply! And you get a reply! And you all get replies! 

Hi sorry 

School sucked this week. I’ll get you replies by the end of the weekend I PROMISE. I would do it tonight but I’m dead tired. Tomorrow I have a funeral to attend so I’ll do it sometime before or after that.

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Aw thanks! I’m glad to be back :D